The small companies should not accept the price for electricity

I wrote an article in Tuesday´s Dagens Industri together with Camilla Littorin at Företagarförbundet, about the worries the small companies have about the prices for electricity. And the new thing is that Sweden is divided into four price zones with different rates, which of course makes an unfair competition between the companies in Sweden.

Power Pole

Power pole

As usual nobody can predict the prices, but they will always be higher in the southern part of the country. Some people fear for another harsh winter with higher prices and others hope for a higher capacity and lower prices.

One thing is for sure,

– as of the 1st of November Sweden is divided into four zones with different prices  and it effects the competition between companies in the different zones.

It may seem insignificant, but the fact is that nine out of ten companies are situated in the most expensive zone.

Instead of uncertainty and unfair competition, we should have clear rules for the power in Sweden. That, among other things, is a vital condition for development and growth. And then the small companies can create to opportunities for employment.

Rolf Dahlberg, CEO  Visma Spcs