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Travelogue from Toblach-Cortina 2017

Barbro has particpated in a new Visma Ski Classics race, this time Toblach-Cortina.. Read how it went in this travelouge from Toblach-Cortina

Travelouge from Toblach-Cortina

On February 9, it was time for a new trip to Italy. This time I went to participate in the Visma Ski Classics event Toblach-Cortina, and a bonus race in skating. I was quite excited. Toblach-Cortina has been my main goal since I started a new training period in May.

Initially, it was unclear whether the organizers managed to keep the whole route of 50 km, but with a snowfall last week, the conditions were fine.

I travelled with a group of twenty people and two tour guides. We landed first in Munich and where from there transported to Hotel Germania. The hotel was located few meters from Toblach stadium.


Friday morning, I tested the skis and we walked part of the route up to the highest point. The winter conditions were great.

We ate lunch at Hotel Santer and most of us selected “Bjoerndalen pasta”. This had to be an optimal lunch the day before a ski race. After lunch, we went back to the hotel to relax. A three-course meal and a salad buffet were served for dinner 19:00 pm.


It is normal to get nerves before a ski race, but this time it was a little more than usual. I had prepared myself well, and according to my workout schedule, my shape should be on top for this race. Unfortunately, my stomach could be better and I was walking around in my own bubble before start. When the clock turned 9:30 am, it was time for the women’s elite to start.

I started okay, but I was unable to follow those in front. Nevertheless, I was prepared on focusing on my own race. It was fresh snow in the slopes, sunshine and not as cold as expected. I had another athlete beside me for quite a while. I also noticed that there were one athlete in front of me that was not part of the leading group any more. I speeded up to reach her. Suddenly, I passed her. I skied alone for some time, but the male athletes reached me after the highest point. They gave me some help and extra motivation.

Happy with the result

I crossed the finish line on 2:42:45. I ended up on the 9th place, 12 minutes behind the winner. I reached my goal and I was very happy with the result. Overall, it was a tough race. The conditions were heavy with snow and sliding. The motivation for becoming even better was now on top!

Bonus race

The day after the Toblach-Cortina race, some of my traveling companions went to Seiser Alm on a day trip for skiing while others went to Cortina for relaxation. The rest of us participated in a new ski competition. I looked at the skate race as a bonus, and an opportunity to get a great end result. The body was tired and empty, but I got through it. In the end, I got 3rd place. The prize included Italian hams, crates filled with apples and a glass ball!

Thank you for a wonderful trip

Monday morning, we went back to Norway. This has been a wonderful trip with great adventures and I have meet many new people. I am looking forward to the rest of the season!

Are you interested in Visma Ski Classics? For more information and news, please visit this website.

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