Tripletex UX Fix Day

On February 27, the UX team in Tripletex hosted a full day workshop for the development department. We called it “UX Fix Day”, and the purpose of the day was to increase awareness of the importance of UX in the organisation and for developers to focus on improving the Tripletex application for its users. The focus was on small, easy to fix issues which improves the overall user experience.

About Tripletex

Tripletex is a complete, cloud-based accounting system built up of various modules that can be assembled as needed. Today we have over 30,000 customers and 100,000 users. The target users are SMBs with 2 to 200 employees. We are currently about 104 employees, with 44 of us located in the development department.

What we did

We did a lot of investigation and surveys to figure out which issues we should focus on that were small enough to be fixed in a day. Talking to product owners, developers, QAs, managers and going through lots of user feedback, we got a temporary list we could work with. Then we talked about the issues with the different teams to figure out if the issue could be solved in a day and to prioritize the importance of the issue. We did this by using a label, “tlx-ux”, to decide if the issue could be solved or not, and if the solution was documented and understood. After lots of meetings and cooperation with the teams, we had 114 issues in Jira labeled with tlx-ux, which could be filtered to the different teams.

When the day finally arrived, we started out giving a short introduction to UX because we have lots of young, new recruits which may not have a good grasp on what UX is and what we as designers actually do; “We are problem solvers, not feature creeps and our goal is to understand the users and their needs.”

Tone held a presentation for everyone which included the goal of the day and instructions on everyone’s tasks during the day, which were to solve as many issues as possible as there were prizes to be won, including a very, very cool Darth Vader toaster. Amazing, indeed!

 The amazing prices, including the Darth Vader toaster and the Tripletex “vandrepokal.”

During the day, we went around talking with the developers and encouraging them to solve as many issues as possible. We worked as consultants and helped with issues that needed clarification. We provided lots of snacks and made sure everyone had a good time, and based on the feedback, it seems the developers were pleased with the day.

Snacks = happy developers

At the end of the day we gathered for pizza, beer and a kahoot, and a social event for those who wanted to stay until the night.



We managed to solve 41 of 114 issues during the day. 14 of them were released to production during the day. Some of the issues were also old issues which we closed and therefore managed to clean up the backlog as well. We could also have spent even more time explaining the UX strategy, but we wanted to keep it short to devote most of the day to fixing issues.

We published the progress on Snapchat during the day, follow #tripletexas on Snapchat for more fun!


We did a post survey to get some feedback from the participants. Most were really happy with the day and had a great time, but some wanted clarification about the requirements of the prizes (no doubt that we have some competitive developers here!) and better specification/documentation of some of the solutions of the issues. When asked to rate the day from 1 to 5, were 1 was awful and 5 was amazing, we scored a 4,4 average and basically everyone wanted to do it again. We did spend a lot of time organizing beforehand and it seems like the day was an amazing success!

The happy winners

“When asked to rate the day from 1 to 5, were 1 was awful and 5 was amazing, we scored a 4,4 average and basically everyone wanted to do it again.”

If we were to do it again, we should be even more visible and available to the developers during the day.

We would recommend everyone to host something similar and encourage you do try this on your own. There are a number of benefits to why you should:

  • Increased awareness of why UX is important
  • Cleaning the backlog: You finally get to fix the issues that you KNOW users are frustrated about (which has been gathering dust in the backlog since the beginning of time!)
  • Increase the overall user experience of the product = happy users!
  • Award our hard working developers with nice prizes!
  • A fun day to break the day-to-day cycle
  • Strengthening the social bond between colleagues