, the new SaaS ERP from Visma

I really look forward to tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5., the new SaaS ERP from Visma

For the first time,  we will publicly show the, our new totally SaaS / Cloud ERP-system. Interested? Here is the invitation: is probably the first pure web-based ERP system available in our markets,  that is also efficient for professional SME users with high demands for flexibility and performance. While many Web-based solutions are user-friendly and nice, they tend to be slow and rather function-poor. SaaS has so far only been really successful in the entry-level of the ERP-market, mostly for companies with few people and relatively standard requirements.

Now, Visma is showing a system that scales to hundreds of users in a company, and have a functionality depth that will satisfied even large, multi-national corporations. The system is as fast, faster than any professional Windows based systems, and with the kind of flexibility that real accountants are used to. At the same time, being web-based,  makes it much more accessible to the non-accountant or to the more occasional user, and to managers like myself.

This is Saturday morning, and I am actually able to sit at the breakfast table having borrowed the wife’s iPad and I am able to run reports and look up data. even works on my Samsung Note. No installations, no Citrix, licenses, no apps, just whatever browser or device you want, Safari, Explorer, Android, Firefox, Crome, and on and on.

Over the summer we will be running pilot-customers on in Finland, Norway and Holland. Then, even more exciting days;  full launch and release from September. Through 2013 most of the Visma companies will also move our internal accounting and administration to

Exciting days ahead of us…

Øystein Moan



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