We are open for business—so you can manage yours

Many businesses and organisations are struggling to run their operations efficiently in today’s situation. As a provider of society-critical software solutions, we have to contribute to ensuring that everyone can operate to the best of their abilities. Read on to learn more about how we help businesses face the current COVID-19 challenge and prepare for the future.

For the latest update on our group-level response to COVID-19, click here. 

Helping society stay open for business

Unexpected events can really test society’s resilience. The current challenge of the coronavirus is no exception. Meeting this challenge head-on means ensuring that businesses and organisations can continue to run their operations efficiently.

Cloud solutions

As a provider of society-critical software solutions, we at Visma have a role to play in ensuring that everyone can operate to the best of their abilities. As more people are being asked to work from home, we are proud to enable those abilities—by delivering cloud software solutions that help people work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Empowering people to stay connected is of utmost importance during this time.

Stable services

To do that, we are making sure all of our services are operating at full capacity to support the changing needs of our customers. And, as always, we are continuously monitoring global, national, and local conditions to make sure we are prepared for any changes that come, from the community up to the international level.

To help you face the current challenges we will in the coming weeks:

  • Continue to post updates on the business impacts of the situation
  • Offer practical advice on how to maintain and improve your operations in the current conditions
  • Provide products and services to support your strategy and help you prepare for the future

We are doing everything we can to help governments, businesses and organisations continue to meet people’s needs. By focusing on both short- and long-term solutions, we believe society can become even stronger and more resilient for the future.

Stay updated on the latest information about our group-level response to COVID-19. 

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