What a bright time

It’s the right time, to put the work away.

After four months of new adventures in Visma,  we’ve reached Christmas season. To tell you the truth, I’ve been living in a state of Christmas for the last month. The Christmas playlists on Spotify serves as an amplifier of the beautiful scenery seen from the 17th floor in Bjørvika. A snow white capital.

The upcoming holiday will give me time to contemplate all the experiences from my first year in business. Ranging from social media competitions to application security strategy, the challenges have required a lot of effort and engagement. But combined with a positive environment and equally engaging colleagues, it serves as an ideal learning ground.

Following the start of next year, I will be part of the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) team, developing new mobile application strategies. I could hardly have wished for anything better. I guess Christmas came early.

As a last note, I would like to thank all our followers for engaging and contributing in the social media domain. Specially students who have proven themselves during the exam season. From all of us Visma Trainees, we wish you all a peaceful Christmas. What a bright time.