What is unique about Visma.net?

The IT industry is facing massive changes. The introduction of the Cloud paradigm  is changing the way IT is consumed, all the way from purchase to actual usage. We are no longer tied to locally installed software with inflexible pricing models. Visma.net is our new complete business solution that provides all the benefits of the Cloud.

There are several aspects that distinguish Visma.net form other products and services. In this blog post I will sum up five unique aspects about Visma.net.

Always Available Anywhere

You can access Visma.net from wherever you are. The solution supports most devices, like smartphones, tablets, Mac and regular PC’s. You are always working in the latest version and will always have access to your data.

Complete Business Solution

Most Cloud based solutions covers only parts of the business. Visma.net provides you with all the services you need to efficiently run your business.

Automated and Integrated Services

All services in Visma.net are integrated and many processes are automated. Self-service helps the users to adjust the solution to their changing needs.

Performance for Professionals

Visma.net is role based to suite the different needs for professionals, employees and managers. The user interface is modern with an intuitive and clean design. This makes the solution easy to use.

Predictable Cost

The pricing model is based on subscription. There are no more needs for huge upfront investments. Visma.net eliminates the need for investment in software and infrastructure. The pricing model is flexible and scalable to meet your future needs.

Welcome to the future of business solutions, Visma.net!