Working as a Graphic designer in Visma

Working as a Graphic designer in Visma means that every week presents new challenges and opportunities to work with new people. In this blog post, one of our Graphic designers, Aleks, will share what his work process looks like and what inspires him.

My work process

I am a Web/Graphic designer with over 12 years of experience. I’m especially good at designing landing pages, web pages and UI’s.I have less experience with illustrations and icons, however, I love to learn new things. I also enjoy keeping up with new trends within UI design and learn new techniques within UX.

My work process is pretty simple. For example, when I’m starting a new task, I begin by sketching some ideas on paper. I find that it’s much easier and quicker to sketch on paper then to do it in Photoshop. Finally, I pick the most suitable idea and start to work on it in Photoshop.

In Visma we use predefined UI guidelines. For example, all the buttons, inputs, calendars and a lot of other stuff is already designed and structured in PSD-files in Photoshop. So my job is often to apply a new UI to an old interface.

After a task is done from my side, I put it in Trello and wait until the task owner, for instance a UX designer or a product owner, approves it. After I receive aproval, I attach the PSD-file and move the card to Done. That’s it! I really enjoy my job and I’m kind of lucky guy – because my hobby is my job!

Sometimes I get more unusual tasks, which I really like. For example, once, one of our UX managers asked me if I could draw an illustration for a separate page. I said that I could try. The result was good and it was really fun for me as a designer to work on this task.

So, my advice to others would be to not be afraid to do something that you haven’t done before or that you usually don’t do. The solution may come during work process and it may turn out great.

One of my all time favorite tasks during my time in Visma was to work with Veilederen. My task was to go through the pages and check if there was any differences between our design and the implemented pages. Everybody loves to review and critique other people’s work. You can learn a lot from doing that. So, I went through all the pages and gave the developers notes on things that needed to be changed. I spent three days reviewing pages and working with the developers which was really fun.

The best thing about Visma

In Visma we have a very strong design community. My colleagues are passionate and talented designers which results in high quality work for sure. We share experiences and techniques all the time so we can be on more or less the same level.

Moreover, we attend design conferences every year to keep up with trends. We also do team building exercises. Just a few weeks ago all of us met up in Sibiu, Romania, for three days and it was awesome! My colleague Bobby wrote a blog post about that event.

I suggest that everyone find a hobby where they can express themselves completely. And, who knows, maybe after some time it will become their dream job.

Where I find inspiration

  • – My main source of inspiration.
  • – #2 source of inspiration inspiration.
  • – A lot of none standard solutions and techniques.
  • – The resource where I learn to compare good and bad work. It’s important to not only look at the best designs but to also look at the bad ones. After some time you start to see the difference and build up your own sense of good design.
  • – Very strong and high level of graphic design work.