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Happy World Backup Day

Friday, March the 31st is World Backup Day. An international day that aims to draw attention to the importance of backing up and protecting your data.


In today’s digital world, data plays an ever increasing role in our everyday lives. Threats such as viruses and data theft are forcing us to take better care of our data by ensuring that it is protected and backed up regularly.

The quarterly Data Loss Index (DLI) survey, conducted by the intelligence firm Kroll Ontrack, revealed the most common causes of data loss from October to December 2016.

3 most common causes of data loss

  • Hardware or mechanical failure
    e.g. Undetected storage media (36%)
  • Human error
    e.g. Dropped devices (13%)
  • Computer viruses
    Data loss caused by a virus accounted for 171 incidents

Liquid damage was another common cause of data loss in 2016;  more than 300 respondents suffered as a result of smartphones being dropped in the toilet or laptops in the bath or swimming pool; or simply from water being spilled on them. These findings are based on over 1,300 responses from 43 different countries.

Robin England, Senior Research and Development Engineer at Kroll Ontrack, stated that having a data recovery plan at hand, checking media and hardware frequently and backing up data on a regular basis can minimise the risk of losing data.

However, if your data is being stored in the cloud, chances are it is automatically being backed up for you. Credible cloud suppliers include backups as part of their subscription.

Cloud computing on the rise

Choose a trusted cloud supplier and backups will be taken care of for you. You can then rest assured that your photos, most treasured memories, professional business files and important accounting records are safe and secure in the cloud.

The cloud represents a shift from local storage to remote, server-based storage.  It has already transformed our personal lives, in particular, the way we consume music and movies, which we now stream from servers opposed to playing from local media. The cloud is also predicted to transform our professional lives.

Gartner has predicted that cloud adoption will increase significantly over the next four years with cloud  gradually becoming the default. They predict that by 2020 a corporate no-cloud policy will be as rare as a no-Internet policy would be today.

Visma is the Nordics leading supplier of business software and services and has a strong focus on cloud solutions and services. All of these include free backup, so you can rest assured your business data is safe and secure with us.  

Visma Trust Centre provides you with all the information you need to make a qualified decision about moving your data to the cloud.
Tomorrow is April Fools Day. Don’t be an April  Fool, move your data to the cloud, where backups are taken care of for you.

For more on why backups have become obsolete with the rise of cloud solutions and how data backups have evolved over time, check out our inforgraphic.

Infographic: data backup evolution

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