World Usability Day 2019

Since 2005, designers all over the world have celebrated World Usability Day with colleagues, to promote the values of usability and user-centered design. For a couple of years now, so have we in Visma!

This year we want to highlight the efforts by our colleagues in Sibiu, where they celebrated with different activities and workshops:

Poster and cupcakes

The poster and cupcakes used for the event

We started the day with a usability test demo, looking at how you would apply for an open position at Visma. Afterwards we had a discussion around the book “Design of Everyday Things” and “Norman’s doors” and tried to find UX issues in our office building.

Simina on Design of Everyday Things

Simina Harla talking about the book “Design of Everyday Things”

At the second session of the day we played with Lego (because, hey – we’re all kids inside). We had a Lego bird challenge, where 4 teams built birds from Lego and their imagination, while also writing specifications on how they did this. Afterwards they had to disassemble them and another team got their Lego pieces and specifications. Now those teams had to rebuild following the instructions in order to reach the same result.. We talked about the conclusions of this exercise over a few delicious cookies.

Lego bird challenge

Some of the results from the Lego Bird challenge


One of the teams during the Lego bird challenge

One of the teams creating their Lego bird

We ended the day watching the “Design Disruptors” documentary by InVision and eating pizza. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by, joined the workshops and give us feedback!

We hope to see you next year as well!

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