World Usability Day

Today is the World Usability Day (WUD). This year, WUD is focused on ‘Usability of financial systems’. The idea behind WUD is to have a specific day on which people around the world can promote usability by arranging local events. Since we´re passionate about usability and work with financial systems this year’s topic inspired us to advocate WUD!

Life size Visma personas

Our designer Ivar giving pep talk to the personas before their premiere performance on WUD

Our designer Ivar giving pep talk to the personas before their premiere performance on WUD

At Visma a big emphasis in our UX strategy is too make sure that we practice all the parts of the UCD-process, we therefore regularly evaluate our UCD-process. During our HCI conference it was personas that was under the microscope, it was discovered that personas was something everyone thought was useful, but only a few actually used.

One reason why the personas were used so seldom was because the project teams were often a bit sceptical to the usefulness of personas. Convinced of the benefit of personas and inspired by InUse we decide to introduce three life-size Visma personas to our colleagues on WUD.

Discover patterns

Can you discover the pattern?

A persona is a fictive character that describes a group of users, their needs, goals, limitations and driving forces. Personas is built on research and experience, it is all about highlighting patterns in the gathered data.

Personas provide a good means for understanding the behaviour, driving forces and demands of the actual users, and applying this knowledge in the development of the product.

Cut unnecessary debates
When personas are used in the development process, a lot of unnecessary debates in the project team can be avoided, everyone is constantly reminded that the weight should not be on one’s personal needs and preferences, instead the focus should be on meeting the real users’ needs and preferences.

What do you do to promote WUD?
What is your experience with personas? Please share your experience in the comments!