Your clients are ready. Are you?

Self-service is the fastest and most cost-effective client support for both accountants and clients alike. Whether you realise it or not, you are most likely using self-services every day.

Technology today gives organisations a great deal of choice. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve workflow and cut down on the time it takes to do tedious tasks. Accounting practices should aim to interact with their clients in the same way that clients are used to interacting with things such as ATMs, vending machines, package tracking, purchasing airfare online, etc.

Happy clients are the foundation of successful accounting practices. Today, clients cite “valuing my time” as the most important thing an accounting practice can do to foster a good relationship.[1] When clients want answers, they want them quickly. Self-service is in their own time and on their own terms without the need to wait for their email to be responded to or for their call to be answered. As an accountant, this is a huge opportunity for you; providing an engaging, thriving and above all, useful self-service solution.

91% of clients said that if a self-service platform provided the information they needed they would use it.[1]

To stay competitive, accounting practices must optimise their work processes around self-service solutions.  It is clear that self-service options have many advantages for accountants and clients alike. Your clients are growing increasingly tech-savvy, and most expect their accountants to embrace technology as well. Turns out, clients are not only ready for self-service, but the majority prefer it. Is your practice delivering?

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