Visma Brand Architecture

Our Brand Architecture is the organised structure within the Visma brand. It includes every aspect of our business areas: from corporate, divisions, products and services.

What is...

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture is an organized structure for a brand, so one can determine how to build and scale the brand over time. By choosing the right brand architecture the business becomes easier to understand for the audience and also easier to manage.

Masterbrand architecture

A masterbrand uses one master corporate brand to serve as the main anchoring point for all products and services. The masterbrand has a distinct position, personality, visual and verbal identity. This creates a strong association between all offerings. 

Visma Masterbrand

Think of the Visma brand as a door opener. Lesser known brands have to work hard to establish credibility and trustworthiness. For larger proposals, they also have to convince potential customers that they have the required size, structure and expertise in place. For Visma business units, this kind of groundwork is already done by our brand. It opens doors, gets our sales reps into the right meetings, and gives potential customers a positive expectation. 

So what other benefits does a strong masterbrand provide us with? Naturally, it maximises our brand awareness. More people are exposed to our brand – and recognise it – more often. This help us cut through the clutter and stand out from the masses of impressions.

It also make our customer communication clear and distinct. We have the same vision in leading the automation and integration of business processes. We speak with one voice, we have one personality and we have one visual identity. This reduce confusion and gives us a distinct identity in the eyes of the public.

As we don’t have to establish our identity for every campaign, our brand also helps us keep marketing spend down. A strong masterbrand also helps with cross-sales and up-selling, as the perceived value and quality of our brand rubs off on our products and services. If customers are happy with one of our products, they are more likely to try something else from us.

All that said, it is important that we have a brand architecture which allows us to accommodate a varied portfolio and make agile changes when required.

We are stronger together.