Visma brand hierarchy

Visma is a fast-growing enterprise consisting of multiple companies. 

To maintain a cohesive brand experience we are working with a brand hierarchy consisting of 4 levels and the supporting guidelines for each. 

This is to ensure the smooth running of our organisation while allowing us to target the needs of specific customers. It maintains the balance between our main brands and sub brands, ensures clarity and synergy between brands, products and services, and allows flexibility for new products and services. 

This will help maximise visibility in a competitive marketplace and protect and build brand equity.

Our collective understanding of these guidelines helps us to target our company identity, story and communication to be relevant and optimised for any specific market.


The 4 levels in the hierarchy:

Visma branded, Visma endorsed, A company in Visma, Non-Visma branded

Below you find a more in-depth explanation.


1. Visma Branded

Visma Branded products and services are part of the master brand structure. This means that on branded material, you use the Visma logo and can decide whether you wish to complement it with your product logo. Doing this creates a strong synergy between the Visma parent brand and our products.

Visma Branded products and services also benefit from access to the Visma Martech, UX and Design services.

See live examples: 

Visma eAccounting
Visma Advantage



2. Visma Endorsed


Visma Endorsed offers marketing synergy between the product and services and the Visma master brand.

The endorsed level is for acquired products and services that have a strong position in their market. Endorsed products and services are connected to the Visma master brand by adding the Visma name to their logo and by using the Visma font in their marketing material.

This will strengthen their brand’s position by being connected to the Visma master brand, while at the same time staying recognisable within their current market.

The Endorsed logo is the same as the Visma Branded logo which will make the migration seamless if it is decided to move the product to the Visma Branded level.

One requirement is that the brand has its own in-house knowledge and resources to maintain and develop its design language.

Endorsed Logo example





3. A company in Visma

A company in Visma is used as a “light” introduction of the Visma brand to the market of a company. The company will be using its existing profile/design guide and the Visma brand is introduced as a signature with “a company in Visma” logo

These companies should not use either the Visma logo, Visma design elements, Visma images or Visma templates etc. before they are fully integrated into Visma.

See live examples:


4. Non-Visma branded

Non-Visma Branded. In a few cases, it has been decided not to promote the Visma brand at all.

The purpose is to build unique brands that target a specific customer base providing an alternative to other Visma offerings.

See live examples: