Visma Brand Strategy

The reason we have a brand strategy is that it helps in building a strong brand and guides us as we develop it in the future. Our brand strategy consists of three elements: Brand Narrative, Brand Code and Brand Mind Space. Below, we explain what these elements mean and how they affect our work.

Brand Narrative

Why does Visma exist? Ignoring the obvious bit about being a profitable enterprise, what role in the world does Visma fill? The Brand Narrative is a short story that illustrates the emotional and practical value Visma brings to the everyday lives of our customers.  

Here is Visma’s Brand Narrative:

Work that matters...

Think back to when you last left work happy. Remember the emotional cocktail of exhaustion and achievement? Your brain feels like it has just run a marathon. Your eyes are sore. Yet your mouth can’t stop smiling.

You have spent all day in the zone. In deep concentration solving a problem, mastering a challenge, or creating something new and wonderful. You reach your limit, but you push on. 

On days like these you realise your potential. You grow. Days like these are free from the tedious and mundane. They feel meaningful. 

Visma exist to bring you days like these. To insulate you from admin tasks that can be automated by software or outsourced to specialists.

So that you can do what you do best. And go home happy.

Brand Code

Our Brand Code is one of the tools for developing the Visma brand. This is our business DNA. It describes not just what we are, but who we are – as well as what we do, and who and what we want to be in the future. 

The model consists of six parts or «roles», which should be «played» or «interpreted» in every relevant situation or context.

What Visma delivers and what benefit the clients get from it. 

What makes Visma different from our competitors, today and in the future.

What characterizes the Visma style – how we communicate, produce and act.

This is our role in society (if we didn’t do it for the money).

The future of Visma. Where do we want to be?

Our rules of life. What makes Visma trustworthy as a friend?

Mind Space

This model explains which dimensions we want our brand to consist of in our target groups' minds. All things we do shall, in one way or the other, contribute to strengthening our brand along one or more of these dimensions.

The model consists of four dimensions that describes the perception of our brand in the minds of other people.

Functional dimension:
What benefits clients and users get from Visma and our products and services.

Mental dimension:
How each person can relate mentally to Visma, and identify individually with the brand. 

Spiritual dimension:
How we want Visma to be perceived as a responsible company that contributes to society in some way or another.

Social dimension:
How we make our clients and users identify with a group.