Visma Brand Narrative

People don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it. This relates to our Brand Narrative, which is a central building block in our branding strategy. It’s a story about why we get out of the bed in the morning and why anyone should care about our brand. It forms emotional relationships with customers through shared ideas, experiences and integrity.

Work that matters...

Think back to when you last left work happy. Remember the emotional cocktail of exhaustion and achievement? Your brain feels like it has just run a marathon. Your eyes are sore. Yet your mouth can’t stop smiling.

You have spent all day in the zone. In deep concentration solving a problem, mastering a challenge, or creating something new and wonderful. You reach your limit, but you push on. 

On days like these you realise your potential. You grow. Days like these are free from the tedious and mundane. They feel meaningful. 

Visma exist to bring you days like these. To insulate you from admin tasks that can be automated by software or outsourced to specialists.

So that you can do what you do best. And go home happy.