Nordic Cool® for Communication

In communication Nordic Cool consists of three keywords: Distinct, Refined and Reduced. Together these keywords ensure that we appear consistently as "one Visma" in all communication. 


Visma is more than a logo. Distinct includes all visible elements in the Visma brand. This is referred to as our Visual Identity in this guide. The combination of our elements ensures that we come across as unique and memorable.


Refined refers to how we are supposed to use the elements from our Visual Identity. The experience of the Visma brand should be exactly the same across businesses and geographies. We should strive for a clear, distinct and familiar communication.







Reduced is about how we fill our framework with content. We believe that our users care deeply about our content and often want to immerse themselves in it. Give the content centre stage in your communication, but remember to stay relevant. Our communication should be what matters to our customers, not what matters to us.