Information on the front pages should always:

  • Have a clear benefit for a potential or existing customer

  • Relate to Vismas USPs and values: Automation, Integration, Adding value, Competence, Responsibility, Efficiency, Reliability and Innovation

  • Include a Call-to-action

When deciding what content to put on the front page, give priority to good, fresh content that have the highest business value for Visma. If web editors are unable to agree on business value, division management should be involved. There should be no quota-system based business units or products.

The mobile experience is increasingly important. Always test new content on the front page on mobile after publication.

Front Page banner

Content should lead to a landing page with clear call-to-actions, typically for sales or lead-generation. Give priority to content with clear and good conversions funnels.

Frontpage banner
Pre-requisite information to be considered for a front page banner should be:
  • Graphics (750x500)
  • Headline (Product, service, campaign name)
  • Teaser/text (Customer benefit)
  • Call-to-action
  • Conversion goals that results in sales
  • A landing/campaign page with call-to-action
The graphics is communicating the Visma brand in a very visible space, so it is important that it adheres to guidelines. Note:
  • Photo should follow the Visma photo brief.
  • Illustrations should follow guidelines in Brand Book.
Campaigns that don’t achieve the desired effect should be tweaked or removed from the front page.
Visma does not use carousel on the front page.

Scenario boxes

The content in Scenario boxes should include content that is important for the user. It should focus on the main user scenarios. Examples are overview pages with a lot of traffic or pages we see that a lot of user is navigation to that isn’t directly visible in the top menu. The messages should be tweaked, but will be less dynamic than top banner and news boxes.


Campaigns, news and other content that focus on what is important for Visma should be put in Front page banner and News boxes.

The pre-requisite for using this space is:

  • An icon in 60 x 60 in black
  • Headline
  • Call-to-action with link
  • Landing page

The size of the block is set. However, the editor should strive for an amount of content as similar as possible to create a balanced design.

News boxes

The content in News boxes should be campaigns, product news, press releases and blog articles. It should be dynamic and change often. Information banners should not be used for navigation. The editor could use 1 - 5 boxes.
Newsboxes example
The pre-requisite information for using this space is:
  • Graphics (750x475)
  • Headline
  • Link/Call-to-action
  • Landing/campaign or product/service page

RSS Feed

Time-sensitive activities with links should be presented here. This is a dynamic element on the page that is generated automatically based on RSS-feeds.
RSS feed example
Examples of content:
  • Blog-article
  • Press release