Section page

The section page template is used to create areas of the site where we focus on one service or target group. The section will get a separate section menu and main menu will become a burger icon or disappear.

A section page template is edited as a Long Product page where it is possible to create a separate section menu. All content further down in the hierarchy inherits the section menu.

There are strict limitations to the use of section pages to avoid fragmentation of the domains. All use of it should be approved by National Web Editor and Corporate Web Manager.

There are two types of sections that is allowed.

Volume Offering Section

  • The section should focus on one product that has no-touch sales on web in high volumes as its most important sales channel
  • The team should be able to handle content, analytics and optimising the content on their own

Target Group Section

  • The page collects content to a well-defined target group
  • Several business units work together to edit and maintain the page