Customer Journey

The updated design language takes aim at establishing common denominators that makes us unique but also consistent. Throughout the whole customer journey there should be no doubt that it all springs from one source, yet adapted design for each context. In the video below you can see how we have exemplified the customer journey design principles with one of our products - Visma EasyCruit.

Touchpoint critical

The customer journey is never stronger than its weakest link. The touch points where our customers interacts with us, are the opportunities we have to not only solve their needs but also frame it in a desirable experience.

Today and in the future we know that our customers' first encounter with us will be mobile. Already here we establish the main pillars of our brand. The logo. The font. The colour. With focus on product.

Reaching from mobile, webpages, products, email and communities, consistency and a rich visual experience is what drives our effort to create a cohesive customer journey.

Scroll trough this landing page example (to the right) and see all the common denominators come together in one touchpoint.