The Visma brand element

Branding is all about manifesting ownership and to set a mark. While doing that, it’s also about creating something visually memorable. So that your brand gets associated the right way.

The brand element is something that has been with us for some time. Previously it has mostly been a divider or a line. That is a bit generic and we can afford using it more evidently. So, now we will be using it more and in a smarter way. We will use it more as a visual element. And it is quite beautiful. And confident. It is more of a monolithic element that serves the purpose of supplementing the Visma logo and portrays us as proud and confident. And it works. It both elevates images and makes statements and openings more empowered. And that is the essence of branding. Being confident.

But remember. It should only be used sparsely. When opening a conversation, supporting a strong statement, or when finishing a presentation. We do not want to dilute our brand element.


What defines our brand element?
The angle.

Design driver

The diagonal line is taken from the letters V & A from the Visma logotype. The shape promotes a sense of direction, movement and intention. This intention can also prove itself as a tool when composing almost any Visma design online or for printed material.




As a design driver the element can either help the whole composition of a layout or work entirely on its own as a point of interest or attention area. Some new benefits and opportunities come with this shape. Where we earlier used a “colour container”, we now encourage designs with a diagonal separator instead, making more space for our font to flourish. While using this shape together with colour we enable content to gain even more impact.

How to use it

When composing new material including the brand element, please try to resemble the usage of the shape from the examples of this guide. Consistency strengthens our brand.


  • Use it sparsely. The brand element should be used to emphasize when opening a conversation. Make a point. Or closing a conversation.
  • The diagonal needs to be exactly 75 degrees, but it can be oriented both left or right.
  • Use the shape to either separate content or frame a text element as a container.
  • The element can be aligned to more than one margin.
  • Ensure good balance by not positioning the diagonal too close to margins.
  • Ensure good padding inside element if it is used as a text container.
  • No more than one diagonal per composition.



Ex 2.png

Download and work
with the brand element

DPIA@2x.png Download brand element assets at the resources page