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  • The illustrations most look professional and modern. Avoid using visual styles that gets dated quickly. One example of this is using textures in flat design illustrations.

  • The main goal for illustrations is to create interest or aid users in understanding of your communication.

  • Don’t make illustrations to complex. The key to this is to simplify your idea or using a metaphor.

  • One of the Visma colours should be dominant in the illustration. This is to maintain the connection to the Visma identity.

  • Supporting colours outside of the Visma colour range is allowed, as long as they are needed to create a connection to the physical world.

  • Stick with one style of illustration when used in the same context. Mixing different illustrations styles will confuse the user and look fragmented.

  • Avoid using pure line illustrations. Lined illustrations conflicts with our lined pictograms.

  • Always think through which illustration style that is best suited when it comes to reaching your target group.

Character Design

Creating characters (persons) as part of any Visma illustration includes a lot of properties and identity. There are millions of different styles or techniques to do this. In order to connect to the rest of our Visual Identity, we need a basic set of guidelines which ensure that the end result (composition) looks cohesive and familiar to our company values and brand code.


As any other Visma illustration, use only Visma colours. Of course skin colours are needed, but for all props or clothes, use only one of the Visma Colour ranges.



Look at our typography, icons and illustrations. An immediate connection to these should be favoured. By using a flat and simple expression, we try extend the same level of efficiency and user friendliness. Avoid putting too much detail into facial features like eyes and nose. The more you add to a face the more attention it demands.


As with our icons we aim for simplicity and use geometric shapes as framework for a lot our shapes. This is also possible creating characters. Even Though illustrations should be simple they should be well crafted. In other words quickly made hand drawn illustrations are hard to connect to the rest of our Visual Identity.


Avoid using any effects like drop shadow, glow or gradients. A flat reduced expression moves the attention to the meaning of the illustration.





This is a great example because of its simplicity, flat modern and selective use of colour.


Avoid using characters that holds close resemblance to well known clip arts.