Everyone loves a good story, and nothing tells a story better than a photo. A good photo will instantly capture the attention to a customer and evoke feelings that the consumer may not even notice. This makes photography one of the most powerful tools when communicating.

Visma Photo Guidelines

Subject matter
It’s crucial that our customers identifies with our photography and this is why subject matter is so important. By following the same subject matter in all of our photos we ensure that all of Visma’s photos communicate the same. 

Visma wants customers to realise their potential. We want them to grow and be more efficient. Use images that depict all the possibilities that Visma offers. Show them what being free from the tedious and mundane feels and looks like. 

Real life:
The Visma images should look genuine. To create a strong connection with our audience it`s important that our images appear to be from real life settings. Remember that we are communicating with real people in real life settings.

Single concept:
If you try to say everything with one image you will end up saying nothing. Stick to one single concept in an image. The concept of the image should be clear and without distractions. This narrows the viewer in on a single thought or feeling. 

Photos to be used in Visma marketing should have a bright, airy feeling with calm and predominantly bright environments. Photos should be crisp and distinct. Photos also benefit from use of some colour and saturation to establish a dynamic feeling.

Bright colours:
Photos to be used in Visma marketing should have a bright, airy feeling with calm and predominantly bright environments. By staging the image in a bright context and with bright clothes we obtain a modern, fresh and crisp feeling.

Natural lightning: 
In our photos the main source of lightning should be natural. Or at least appear to be. Retouching of the photo should only be done to enhance the natural. Stay away shadows, distinct skin tones and dynamic colour space. 


Clear and sharp focus:
Make sure the subject matter is the focus of the image and establish depth by having a blurred and slightly over exposed background. This also leaves space for writing a good message.

Visma Image Gallery 

The Visma Image Gallery is a collection of images approved for use in our market communication. The database is searchable by keywords and by categories. You will find username and password on the intranet. 

Start using Visma Image Gallery

Do's and don'ts

Keep it real

 Images should appear to be from real life settings

 Avoid images that look fake and staged

Be positive

 Communicate possibilities by using positive emotions

 Avoid using negative emotions
Use natural lighting

 Ensure a bright and airy quality with the use of natural light

 Don't give in to the dark side

Maintain sharp focus

 The image should be clear and without distractions

 Avoid clutter and too many stories

Using stock photos

If stock photos become necessary, photos should be chosen and sent for review before purchasing.

Send for review

Model contract

Before conducting a photoshoot, all models need to sign an agreement/contract that gives Visma full ownership of the end result.