Engage with engaging photos

Our design language is applicable on any visual design artefact. Below you can see how the design language has been executed in photographs. We conceive our images generally through a flat light that gives even and smooth skin tones. Even though we might have a busy image its a bright and airy ambiance in the photos. They are also easier to include in context where you have a generally bright environment, like the one you are experiencing right now – the Visma brandbook. All photographs are available in our Image bank.

Our latest narrative photographies are made to support more engaging and authentic stories. They benefit from being used together as a series of images. Look at the stories unfold below and get inspiration on how to use them for different contexts and purpose.

Our new images also has the ambition to reflect the new reality that Corona has created with having many people working from home. But, even before Corona our workdays has started to look different. People are more mobile and change work context sometimes multiple times per day. We want to reflect that in these images. How work has become more part of peoples everyday life. How borders between work and free time blends more. And how the software we create in Visma seamlessly connects with that. This gives us an opportunity to become more personal and show more than office areas. Last but not least. We want our images to show what Visma contributes with. We contribute with more than just administrative software. We contribute with making people being people. We let people spend more time with other people and less time with doing administration.

Buy additional images!

We have purchased a total of 153 images from the photo shoot we did. But there is a total of 1107 more images to choose from! 75€ per image. Make your selection and send a request with invoice information and we will take care of the rest. (Be aware that these images are low resolution and watermarked in the image library).