Visma pictograms help users to navigate and make the right choices. Use an icon to bridge recognition where verbal language cannot. Visma pictograms should be precise, timeless, approachable and obvious.  



We have one common style for pictograms, which is to be used across all Visma websites. Maintaining this style will ensure that the users navigating on the Visma website don’t experience unnecessary cognitive load.

All of our pictograms can be found in the Visma Image Gallery. If the pictograms there cant solve your task you can follow our guidelines to make your own.

Do not use icons as aesthetic decoration on our website, but rather for navigation. If you need aesthetic decoration see illustrations or photo guidelines. 

Print and  Google slides
Using pictograms in your presentations or in print production is allowed. 



Making pictograms

Follow these rules to maintain consistency within the pictograms of Visma. If you are not able to make you own icons you can contact Corporate Marketing & Communication for assistance. 

How to create icons:
1. All lines should be 2 pt. when creating an icon. 

2. Use an art board that is 34x34 px. See example on the right. 

3. The icon should be as centred as possible to maintain balance.

4. New icons need to be approved by Visma Corporate Marketing and Communication.

 General rules:
1. Use only geometric forms (if possible).

2. Use only rounded edges on lines and forms (if possible).

3. Be minimalistic. Simplifying is key. 

4. Use only Visma colours.

5. The icons are not to be used alone, but in context with other content.

Download Ai file