Our product icon principles

The main purpose of the product icon is to be the unique visual cue for any given product. We have it to guide and inform customers in any given touch point what product they are interacting with or choosing between and where the product comes from.

Product icons should be purpose, context and design-constraint driven. It means that each touch-point have different constraints and possibilities - so how to best use the product icon together with the Visma logo depends on what the purpose is with the design artifact, what specific context is it being used in and does the design artifact pose any constraints, due to size for example?

Below is a set of examples where we exemplify best practices in different touch-points and contexts. If you have any questions or situations not covered here send us a note.

How to use the product icon

The product icon is not a replacement for the Visma logo. We have only one logo in Visma, and our logo always trumps the product icon in any touch point. For example, always use only the Visma logo if there is not enough visual space for using both a product icon and the Visma logo.


The visual size of the Visma logo and product icon should always be approximately the same. The product icon is usually placed in closer proximity to the actual content. This enhances the visual cue and storytelling of that given product. The Visma logo acts as a sign off for the quality and values that Visma represent, and will in most cases be placed in the right corner of a composition. While the product icon is a nice element, we should remember that there is a lot of elements that is more important in our communication. Copy, photos and illustrations will always have more impact towards reaching our target groups.

Product icon variations

These are the different variations of product icon setups that we can use. By having three different options we have enough flexibility to fit any type of format. The product icons can be downloaded here.

Use Open Sans as typeface with light font-weight for Visma and regular font-weight for the product name. If you have any questions or need assistance feel free to ask on Space.

Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3

In an application portal, like below, where the product is represented amongst other Visma products. The product icon is the best way to guide the user what they are looking for and where to interact in order to start the application. They are not looking for Visma - but the product.


In this particular example we are looking at how a potential Visma portal could look. In this case we have five products that the user can use and choose between. We do not write the product name with Visma in front. That would simply not be smart, usable nor confident. Instead, with having the name of the context written top left ”Visma Portal” informs the user that the products below are from Visma. In this case we simply write the unique part of their name together with the actual icon having the affordance of a product icon in an illustrative form. The whole experience is branded with the Visma logo in the bottom part of the page.

Visma eAccounting banner 2.jpg

On a roll-up. Or in an ad. You want to convey a message about a product - together with content that complements and resonates. How do we mix message in a clear way avoiding confusion about what is the product, the company and message?

The easiest way is by separating the product icon and name with message and illustration that actually tells the story, with the Visma logo. It is easier for the customer to understand what is the company, what is the product and what is actually the story we are trying to tell.

In this particular case, for Visma eAccounting, we have chosen to use a content colour that is red. That is why the product icon is blue and red. Blue stands for Visma and red stands for eAccounting. By applying red in the illustration we create an identity around that colour that resonates through the customer journey.

As you can see the Visma logo and the product icon with product name is similar in size. This is important since we want the Visma logo and the product identity to co-exist in an equal balance.

Our products are going to be displayed in many different contexts. Both our own and others. The purpose and customer need is mostly to find a specific product they are looking for or to browse for a product to meet a specific need.

What you are looking at here is Visma e-conomic's ’app store’. What the customer is looking for here is what payroll products Visma e-conomic can be used with. As you might see there are both competitors as well as two payroll solutions from Visma. This is a perfect place to use the product icon, because it would not make much sense to use three Visma logo’s.

This is a quite similar page. But this page is owned and administered by someone else than Visma. It can be a competitor, partner or someone else that has some kind of relationship with our products and has a need to display our products amongst others. Again, this is one of the main purposes with our product icons. To display the unique features and identity of the specific product so that the customer more easily understands that they are looking at different and unique product offerings.

In social media we are often constrained with formats that makes it hard to put both the Visma logotype and the product name in a smart and confident way. Below you see a few examples on how you should use the product icon to visualize what that specific area is about.