Our product icon story

Our products and services are the heroes of Visma. And each product and service from Visma deserves the best possible icon to both give a hint of what to expect from the service, but also to be a visual representation that collects all the ambitions, engagement and hard work put into each product. 



The product icon serves as the main visual cue and identity element for each individual product, as a subset of the Visma master brand. It consists of a unique set of functionalities and features and coexists with the Visma logo in a smart and confident way.

We use the product icon to teach our customers that they are not only customers of Visma but also using a particular product from Visma. That gives benefits in a support situation but also for cross-selling and other valuable purposes. 

The product icons are also there for usability purposes. To help people and customers to find a particular product amongst others. 

The product icons are here to guide and engage.

Our product icons are being created with the following
aesthetical and functional principles:

The product icon establish the product identity and guides the customer throughout the customer journey.

Here you can see how our design language - Nordic Cool 4 - resonates throughout the customer journey but also how the product icon has the role of guiding and teaching the customer that they have a relationship with both a product and a company. In this example you see how Visma eAccounting product identity turns out similarly throughout the customer journey. And the product icon plays a central part of this. Click on the image and follow the link to our UX-portal to view the journey in greater detail.