Application icons

Application icons hold the visual identity of Visma at the same time as it communicates what functionality to expect when interacting with it.  In line with Nordic Cool 3 for applications, we have chosen to go almost flat. If and when you need to update the design it should look like the icons below. Application icons are created by the Corporate Marketing department. Please contact Corporate User Experience Manager for any app icon design request.

Cloud icons

Visma Cloud icons has been developed to cater for navigation purposes in online solutions as, Visma Online or similar portal pages. It serves the same purpose as regular desktop icons, but has been adapted to a web context. Cloud icons should be using:

  • Literal forms (main goal is to create a visual cue NOT to explain the product functionality)
  • Visual simplicity to cater for adaptation to mobile app icons
  • Be well differentiated by using a diverse range of color to facilitate easy navigation and findability. Hence, all icons should not be blue. Or green. It should be a mix.
  • The affordance of product iconology. “It should look like an application icon”.
  • Semi-physicality with an inspiration from material design

Application Icons

Product icons main purpose is to guide the user to find and start the application. It serves mainly as a usability purpose. Traditionally it was a short-cut on the desktop-OS but also serve a similar purpose on web and mobile. Product icons are not to be used in marketing material or as a logo.

Mobile App Icons

Establish one platform to communicate Visma on mobile devices - with:
  • Using the Visma logo in ‘footer’ area.
  • Using a white base with separator or a coloured base with white footer.
  • Use of Visma colours to manifest brand

Read about naming conventions for mobile apps here.