Visma Logo

Our logo is the main identifier of our brand. Its main task is to build brand recognition and to be a visual representation of who we are and what we stand for.

Our logo comprises a symbol plus the word Visma. The red symbol is a stylized pie diagram that links it to the economic dedication of the organization. The gap of the missing pie slice also symbolizes a «V» for Visma.

In the logo, the word Visma uses a specially designed typeface, set in black capital letters. The name Visma originally derives from the term visual management, and in a broad sense captures the essence of our business.


DPIA@2x.png To download the logo and other related resources, visit the Resources page.

Pantone 1935 EC
C:0 M:100 Y:54 K:8 
R:231 G:6 B:65
WEB: #E70641

C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100
R:0 G:0 B:0
WEB: #000000

  Logo guidelines

The Visma corporate logo is to be used on all company communication. The logo (logomark and logotype) should always be used as a single unity. Avoid splitting logomark and logotype. In rare cases using only the logomark might be the right solution, although, this needs to be approved by Corporate Marketing.

Always follow these guidelines when using the logo.

Give the logo breathing room. Key rule: The minimum distance to any other element (including text) equals the size of the logomark when placed on all sides of the logo.

Our logo is commonly used without resizing. On larger print formats as A3, scale the logo proportionally to the size. Make sure to always maintain the aspect ratio when scaling.  

Always strive to place the logo in the bottom right corner in prints, PDFs, etc.  If you are working on a narrow format an option might be to centre the logo if the content/elements above the logo are also centred.

Minimum height
Print: Minimum height of the logo when used in prints. 0,5 cm (1/5 inch).

In rare cases there might be a need to use a vertical Visma logo. If the Visma logo has to be rotated, it must always be rotated only 90 degrees and clockwise. See example of this on signboards.

Logo is centred from the left side of the ”i” in the logotype. The example shows how to draw two vertical lines to find the centre point of the logo.


Any exceptions to this must be approved by Corporate Brand & Project Manager.

  Logo don'ts


Don't stretch it
Stretching the logo is strictly forbidden.

Don't neglect it 
Always use our logo in any marketing communication. 

Don't rotate it
Rotating the logo is frowned upon.

Don't choke it
Give the logo enough space to breathe.

Don't dress it up
Our logo is special enough, so stay away from the special effects.

Don't separate it
The logomark and logotype should be used together.

Don't recolour it
Our logo doesn't care about other colours. Stay red and black. 

Don't subtext it
Text should never appear next to the logo

Don't "name" it
Our logo prefers to stand on it's own, not as a part of a product name.


Logo usage

There exists a lot of conventions when it comes to logo usage and placement. Breaking these conventions will diminish our target audiences potential brand recall and weaken our communication.

In Visma we have three ways of using our logo. Try to use the number one option first, then number two. The third option only functions as a last resort when nothing else is possible.

1. Primary logo
Combining the logo with a white or light background that provides good contrast is the primary way of using the Visma logo. This ensures that the logo is clearly recognizable.

Logo placed in the right corner on a light or white background.  An easy and common way of placing the Visma logo.

Logo placed on a white bottom line. Ensuring good contrast and readability. 

When using images with a light and clean background the logo can be placed on the image. 

2. Logo label
Sometimes format and content size won’t able us to use the primary logo variation. This is when the diagonal label comes in handy.

When using the diagonal label follow these rules:
- Diagonal labels have a 15 degree angle.
- Label and design element cannot have the same angle. Make sure they are creating a visual “V”.
- All logo guidelines apply when using the logo in a label.
- The label should always have a white background.

The diagonal label can be downloaded in our logo pack or found in the creative cloud for designers.

The diagonal label makes placing the logo easy on otherwise difficult background. 
It also creates an interesting dynamic with the design element.

3. White logo
In some rare cases a plain white logo is the only solution. The most common example of using a white logo is when you end up with a background in a Visma colour. Please make sure to get approval from when using a white Visma logo. 

A white Visma logo might be a good option when the background colour doesn’t allow the use of a primary logo.

Endorser logo

This logo is only to be used during the rebranding process when the existing profile/design guide of the “Company” applies. It is often referred to as the "A company in Visma" logo. Corp. marketing by Corporate Brand & Project Manager has to be involved in the process of using this logo.

The logo is available in local languages and has a separate guideline:

• The two logos “Company” and “A company in Visma” should never appear as one entity/logo, as they are not supposed to be perceived as one integrated logo.

• The size of the “A company in Visma” logo is normally 50% of the size of “Company” logo

• The setup of the two logos should only appear in the three following ways:

  • Separately
  • After one another (with some distance)
  • Beneath each other (with some distance)

The area, technical limitations etc. are decisive for the setup.

Partner programme

Certified partners will be named as shown in this example. Certified partners are allowed to use these logotypes in addition to their own logo. They are to be used in accordance with the partners level in the partner programme.

Files containing partner logos are located here. Please use these files to avoid mistakes.

Branding Guidelines

Use Visma Sign-In with the basic profile or email scopes and incorporate the following standard buttons in your mobile or web app.

You can scale the button as needed for different devices and screen sizes, but you must preserve the aspect ratio so that the Visma logo is not stretched.

To encourage users to click the button, we recommend the call-to-action text "Sign in with Visma" or "Sign up with Visma". It should be clear to the user that they are signing in to your app or signing up for your app with their Visma credentials, not signing up or registering for a Visma account on your app.

The colour for an unpressed light button is #FFFFFF (white). The colour for an unpressed dark (blue) button is #007ACA. The button background can be either blue or white, but the button must always include the Visma logomark as below.


The button font is Open Sans (Weight: regular)

The padding to the left of the logo should be 18dp and the right 12dp. The logo should be 16x16 dp, and there should be 12dp between the logo and the button text.