Visma Ski Classics

The title sponsorship will expose the Visma brand to millions of people across Europe. As a result, Visma will go from recognized industry brand to household name.

Visma Ski Classics is the long distance ski championship. It consists of ten of the world’s most prestigious and traditional ski events. From Marcialonga in Italy to Vasaloppet in Sweden and Birkebeinerrennet in Norway.

25 pro teams and 50.000 amateur skiers competing in the same races.
Dubbed the Tour de France of skiing, Visma Ski Classics is among the toughest challenges within organized skiing – and one of the fastest growing spectator sports.


Due to strict regulations regarding the use of the Visma Ski Classics logo, Corporate Brand and Project Manager has to approve all material where the Visma Ski Classics logo is being used.
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