Amounts & currencies

These guidelines are intended to create consistency in our communication with customers and partners. If you work in a more technical field, please refer to your existing guidelines.

Please note that there is no universal way that is correct so we have based the guidelines on local best practices.

Dots, commas or space?

  • In terms of format, you should follow the best practice of your local market. In an international context (e.g., follow the UK / USA practice.

EUR or €?

  • Use the currency code (EUR, GBP, SEK) in an international context or when including multiple currencies.
  • Use currency signs (€, £, kr) in a local context with only one currency.


  • No space between £ and € and the amount.
  • Write “kr” in lower case unless it is the first word of the sentence.
  • In Denmark, Sweden and Norway, zero decimals may be replaced with a dash: 450,-