Naming strategies

Remember that customer benefits and functionality should be the main impression in our communication. However, when you write your product, service or concept names, this is how we do it. 

Grammar and composition
When writing product names in headings, subheadings, teaser headings and body text, normal grammar rules apply. Font weight follows the rest of the context. Only initial capital letters. 

In terms of size and composition, keep in mind that we thrive to focus on customer benefits and functionality more than what we call our products.

  • The names of products/services/concepts are not to be used as logos. They are written using the corporate fonts.
  • The names of products/services/concepts are never to be written as a subtext to the master logo.
  • Variations in names may occur, i.e. some names do not include Visma, other names include numbers.
  • Be aware of the usage of small and capital letters.
  • Capitals can be used for the whole name only in headings where the rest of the text is written in capitals. 


  • Visma eAccounting
  • Visma Enterprise HRM
  • Financials
  • MyVisma

If the product name is in no other context than its own, Visma can be written in bold and with capital letters. (Use Semibold on Visma and Thin on rest.)


  • VISMA Enterprise HRM 
  • Financials

Procedure for "naming of products, services and concepts"

To ensure an optimal and consistent naming structure across the Visma Group, there is a procedure for naming of all types of products, services and concepts within Visma.

The procedure is to be implemented whenever

  • A new product/service/concept is under development
  • An existing product/service/concept is changed, rendering a change in name natural/desirable


Name of legal entities:

According to our master brand strategy, the legal entity name is to be used in business correspondence etc. and are of no value in our marketing.

  • The names of legal entities are not to be used as logos.
  • The company name is to be written together with the address on stationery and other publications.
  • The company name is never to be written as a subtext to the master logo.

Examples on how to write the legal entity name:

  • Visma Software AB
  • Visma Consulting Oy
  • Visma Commerce AB