Using video to communicate is often very powerful. Tell a good story. Show a product or a process to our viewers. All the statistics out there tell us that using a video will lift the interest rate for our web or blog articles. That goes for humans and search machines, leads and existing customers. A video can live a life on its own, as a part of an article or on social media. And it is easy to share.

General guidelines

Video will adapt to the same guidelines as other creative work, and you will find the details under “Visual identity” in the menu on the left.

Clear, light pictures with a minimum of disturbing elements. Sharp, and in focus. A short, uplifting and selling story with a good tone of voice, without diversions. Graphics in accordance with the Visma Brandbook.


Sound is as important as the pictures in i a video. Some will say even more. The sound we use should be clear and loud with as little background noise as possible. Voices should sound natural. The music we use should be in line with our auditory identity.

Please read more about sound in Visma under auditory identity.

Video Editing

We use a quite normal «corporate» cut in Visma with minimal usage of transitions. You may use a start poster to tell the audience what the video is about, and an ending with a CTA.


We use an even light throughout the frame. A face should be evenly lit from both the left and right side. Avoid a dark background.