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Nordic Cool

The purpose of our design language is to create a cohesive and consistent brand - together with a uniqueness that appeals to the customer throughout the whole customer journey.


Goal illustration

Our goal

Our goal is to establish common denominators that makes us a unique brand, but also consistent in every touch point. Throughout the whole customer journey there should be no doubt that everything springs from one source, yet feel adapted for each context.

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Design language

Our design language, Nordic Cool®, is best described as cool modernism. It associates with the classic values of renowned Nordic design: Bright, distinct, refined and reduced. When realised, or designed, Nordic Cool® manifests itself as still colours rather than hot, minimalist layout rather than fussy, calm impressions rather than heated.

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Design language screens

Visual identity

Our visual identity focuses on two main levels - the framework level and the content level. This is applicable on all touch points throughout the customer journey.


Our visual identity focuses on two main levels - the framework level and the content level. This is applicable on all touch points throughout the customer journey.

Visma logo


Our logo is the main identifier of our brand. Its main task is to build brand recognition and be a visual representation of who we are and what we stand for.

Guidelines for logo 

Visma logo

Primary colours

Visma is a blue brand, and Visma Blue should be prominent in everything we do. We have a simple, clean and understated palette that builds upon elegance and quality of Nordic design.

Guidelines for primary colour

Typography image


PF Beau Sans Pro is the official Visma font. It is a modern sans serif font family, packed with visual properties that build on Visma values, market position and vision.

Guidelines for typography

Typography image

Design element

The design element inherit properties from our company logo. It can be used to break up the horizontal and vertical dominated environment or frame text elements in a way that ties the content together with design.

Guidelines for design element


The content level focuses on the need for differentiation. Depending on the product/service, the target group and the context we need to adapt and shape our marketing, products and other conversations so that it actually serves a need and purpose to that particular target group.

Product icon

Product icons

The product icon plays the leading role in establishing a product identity. While creating a stronger product identity it also acts as a guide/visual cue for the user through the whole customer journey for a product.

Guidelines for product icons


Content colours

While Visma is a blue coloured brand, we also Visma is a masterbrand acting in a complex reality and flexibility is very much needed for the products to differentiate themselves and communicate to their target groups. This is where content colour is an important and powerful component.

Guidelines for content colours



Everyone loves a good story, and nothing tells a story better than a photo. A good photo will instantly capture the attention to a customer and evoke feelings that the consumer may not even notice. This makes photography one of the most powerful tools when communicating.

Guidelines for images



Illustrations are an essential part of any great story. The style of the illustration for the given product or service is subject to flexibility. The design system caters for differentiation in regards to illustration styles, but we also provide a few illustration families/styles to get you started.

Guidelines for illustrations



Visma pictograms help users to navigate and make the right choices. Use an icon to bridge recognition where verbal language cannot. Visma pictograms should be precise, timeless, approachable and obvious.  

Guidelines for pictograms


Video and animation

Using video to communicate is often very powerful. Tell a good story. Show a product or a process to our viewers. A video can live a life on its own, as a part of an article or on social media.

Guidelines for video