We do not have any defined illustration style that is to be used in all communication and across all platforms. Instead we have general rules when it comes to designing illustrations.

  • The illustrations most look professional and modern. Avoid using visual styles that gets dated quickly. One example of this is using textures in flat design illustrations.

  • The main goal for illustrations is to create interest or aid users in understanding of your communication.

  • Don’t make illustrations to complex. The key to this is to simplify your idea or using a metaphor.

  • One of the Visma colours should be dominant in the illustration. This is to maintain the connection to the Visma identity.

  • Supporting colours outside of the Visma colour range is allowed, as long as they are needed to create a connection to the physical world.

  • Stick with one style of illustration when used in the same context. Mixing different illustrations styles will confuse the user and look fragmented.

  • Avoid using pure line illustrations. Lined illustrations conflicts with our lined pictograms.

  • Always think through which illustration style that is best suited when it comes to reaching your target group.

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