Product icons

The product icon plays the leading role in establishing a product identity. While creating a stronger product identity it also acts as a guide/visual cue for the user through the whole customer journey for a product. Product icons should be present in most touch points for a product.


How to use the product icon

The product icon is not a replacement for the Visma logo. We have only one logo in Visma, and our logo always trumps the product icon in any touch point. For example, always use only the Visma logo if there is not enough visual space for using both a product icon and the Visma logo.


The visual size of the Visma logo and product icon should always be approximately the same. The product icon is usually placed in closer proximity to the actual content. This enhances the visual cue and storytelling of that given product. The Visma logo acts as a sign off for the quality and values that Visma represent, and will in most cases be placed in the right corner of a composition. While the product icon is a nice element, we should remember that there is a lot of elements that is more important in our communication. Copy, photos and illustrations will always have more impact towards reaching our target groups.

Product icon variations

These are the different variations of product icon setups that we can use. By having three different options we have enough flexibility to fit any type of format. The product icons can be downloaded here.

Use Open Sans as typeface with light font-weight for Visma and regular font-weight for the product name. If you have any questions or need assistance feel free to ask in Unity.

Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3

Guidelines for product icons

  • Product icons should never replace the Visma logo. Use both or only the Visma logo.

  • The sizing of a product icon and the Visma logo should be approximately the same in any given composition.

  • Never alter or create your own product icon. Corporate Marketing & Communication department will assist you with this.

  • The product icon and Visma logo should never be appear as one entity.  


Banner ads
Avoid using the product icon on smaller formats with a lot of elements. The Visma logo should always be prioritized above product icons.

Roll ups
The logo should always stay approximately the same size as the Visma logo. 

Guidelines for creating a product icon

  • Use literal forms (main goal is to create a visual cue not to explain product functionality)

  • Visual simplicity to cater for adaptation to mobile app icons

  • They should be well differentiated by using different content colours to facilitate for easy identification and findability. Hence, all icons should not be blue or green

  • The affordance of product iconology. It should look like an product icon.

  • Semi-physicality with an inspiration from material design.