Visma Logo

Our logo is the main identifier of our brand. Its main task is to build brand recognition and to be a visual representation of who we are and what we stand for.

Our logo comprises a symbol plus the word Visma. The red symbol is a stylized pie diagram that links it to the economic dedication of the organization. The gap of the missing pie slice also symbolizes a «V» for Visma.

In the logo, the word Visma uses a specially designed typeface, set in black capital letters. The name Visma originally derives from the term visual management, and in a broad sense captures the essence of our business.

Logo colours

Pantone 1935 EC
C:0 M:100 Y:54 K:8 
R:231 G:6 B:65
WEB: #E70641

C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100
R:0 G:0 B:0
WEB: #000000

  How to use the logo

The Visma corporate logo is to be used on all company communication. In some cases a plain white logo is the only solution, please get approval from when using a white logo. 

The logo (i.e. logomark and logotype) should always be used as a single unity. Avoid splitting logomark and logotype. 

The only exception for using a stand-alone logomark is in social media profile pictures. These can be downloaded here. In rare cases using only the logomark might be the right solution, although, this needs to be approved Corporate Marketing.

Our logo is typically used without resizing. On larger formats as A3, scale the logo proportionally to the canvas.

Do not alter the logo in animations or presentations. This includes stretching, rotating or applying any types of effects.

Logo is centered from the left side of the ”i” in the logotype. The example shows how draw two vertical lines to find the center point of the logo. 

How to separate the logo from other elements. (Key rule: The minimum distance to any other element equals the size of the symbol when placed on all sides of the logo).

Our logo is typically used without resizing. On larger print formats as A3, scale the logo proportionally to the size. 

Minimum height
Print: Minimum height of the logo when used in prints. 0,5 cm (1/5 inch). 

In all prints the logo must be placed at the bottom right corner of the page. It can also be centered at the bottom of the page if the above content is centered as well.


Any exceptions to this must be approved by Corporate Brand & Project Manager.


  How not to use the logo


Don't stretch it
Stretching the logo is strictly forbidden.

Don't neglect it 
Always use our logo in any marketing communication. 

Don't rotate it
Rotating the logo is frowned upon.

Don't choke it
Give the logo enough space to breathe.

Don't dress it up
Our logo is special enough, so stay away from the special effects.

Don't seperate it
The logomark and logotype should be used together.


Endorser logo

This logo is only to be used during the rebranding process when the existing profile/design guide of the “Company” applies. It is often referred to as the "A company in Visma" logo. Corp. marketing by Corporate Brand & Project Manager has to be involved in the process of using this logo.

The logo is available in local languages and has a separate guideline:

• The two logos “Company” and “A company in Visma” should never appear as one entity/logo, as they are not supposed to be perceived as one integrated logo.

• The size of the “A company in Visma” logo is normally 50% of the size of “Company” logo

• The setup of the two logos should only appear in the three following ways:

  • Separately
  • After one another (with some distance)
  • Beneath each other (with some distance)

The area, technical limitations etc. are decisive for the setup.

Partner programme

Certified partners will be named as shown in this example. Certified partners are allowed to use these logotypes in addition to their own logo. They are to be used in accordance with the part-ners level in the partner programme.

Files containing partnerlogos are located here. Please use these files to avoid mistakes.

Sponsorship: Visma Ski Classics

The title sponsorship will expose the Visma brand to millions of people across Europe. As a result, Visma will go from recognized industry brand to household name.

Visma Ski Classics is the long distance ski championship. It consists of ten of the world’s most prestigious and traditional ski events. From Marcialonga in Italy to Vasaloppet in Sweden and Birkebeinerrennet in Norway.

25 pro teams and 50.000 amateur skiers competing in the same races.
Dubbed the Tour de France of skiing, Visma Ski Classics is among the toughest challenges within organized skiing – and one of the fastest growing spectator sports.


Due to strict regulations regarding the use of the Visma Ski Classics logo, Corporate Brand and Project Manager has to approve all material where the Visma Ski Classics logo is being used.