What's new

The Brand book is a living source for guidelines, design principles and brand theory. Some of these aspects are under continuous development. Follow the progress right here where we will post a short summary of the updates.

Updated logo guidelines.


Updated usage under colour with better clarification regarding accessibility.


Cloud icon guidelines added to Visual Identiy


Illustration guidelines has now been extended to include character design.


Happy new year! New guidelines on how you can use video in your top banner on productpages can be found here.


Added seven new pictograms under vector pictograms in the resources section and in Visma Content Hub.


Logo guidelines update: Plain white Visma logo is allowed when it is the only solution.


Business card template added to resources section


New section on Auditory Identity added, along with new whitepaper template.


Updated templates and colour palette on Resource page.


We are proud to finally launch the Visma Brand book and are looking forward to see how the new design is being implemented in all our channels.


The past month has been subject to improvements on all sections of brandbook, we are close to say ready for launch.

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