Simplify your
leave management

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Simplify your leave management

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Give employees a full overview of their absences Absence is a solution that tracks employee's vacation, sick days, parental leave, and other reasons for leave.
All requests are submitted through the system, saving time and eliminating errors.

Benefits of an online absence system

Employees can view their allotted vacation time at anytime, so they know what they’re entitled to, according to laws and regulations. Approved or rejected absence requests can be viewed immediately.

  • Supports rules and regulations
  • Allows employees to enter their absences (self-service)
  • Is always available via computer or tablet
  • Supports multiple languages

How does it work?

Real time information allows employees to have a clear overview of their absences. Employees can register their absences and leave requests at any time. Everything they register is validated with their leave balance and other rules regarding absence. As a manager, you have a clear overview of your team before approving or rejecting a request for leave. Absence helps you to make sure you do not approve anything that should not be approved according to your company’s rules and regulations. Payroll administrators can trust that approved absences are correct and are ready for payroll. Holiday calculation it is automatically in the solution and is continuously there. Absence is integrated with Visma’s payroll system: Visma Lønn. The integration ensures that all absence registrations are immediately added to the payroll system. The end result? Time saved and happier employees.

Key features

  • Cloud based accessibility
  • Complies with rules and regulations
  • No manual documents
  • Low investment cost
  • Reduce unregistered absences
  • Have a clear overview of employee absences
  • Save time and money by automating the absence process

Want to know more about the functionality in Absence?

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