Arctic Lavvo
of Kautokeino

Arctic Lavvo of Kautokeino

Hunters, fishers, and other outdoor workers have used Vendor products for decades. As the backdrop of the company, Arctic Lavvo took over the Vendor product line and refocused. The need arose for a modern and flexible economy system. The choice fell on ERP.

"In our start-up phase, it was important for us to choose a system that was future-oriented and flexible. We wanted full integration between orders, commodity logistics and accounting in the same system,”
says Anders Bongo-Wiik.

The production facilities of Arctic Lavvo are added to the heart of Sami - Kautokeino. The origin of the lavo comes from here, and for Bongo-Wiik and the remaining three entrepreneurs it was crucial to keep it authentic with the products.

"Because we have production in Kautokeino and sales and administration in Alta, it was important for us to choose a system that was flexible in terms of where you sit and work and from which units you log in from.

In cooperation with Visma parties Amesto Solutions and online solution provider Kreatif, an online store was set up that enabled full integration with the company's financial system.

Another important factor for us when choosing a system was full integration with our online store. We have an online store where customers tailor-make and customise their own products, which are generated as sales orders in Financials.”

« ERP is easy to learn, easy to work in, modern, innovative and forward-thinking. It speaks today's language. Simply.»

– Anders Bongo-Wiik