Drammen Scenes streamlined their finance department with online ERP

Drammen Scenes streamlined their finance department with online ERP

Drammen Scenes is a culture and entertainment venue in Norway. With a rustic style in a modernised factory at Union Scene, the company organises over 1,300 events, conferences and performances each year.

Reduced costs and resource usage

"We chose to focus on online solutions because we saw that server solutions are expensive to run, as well as some other web-based software. In the long term, we want to integrate all these systems to get a rational operation," says Lise Østensen, economist at Drammen Scenes.

Drammen Scenes wanted to replace their existing ERP systems as they saw a need to reduce costs and administrative tasks.

Now, the company has implemented online solutions, tailored to the needs and wishes through Visma Partner Cloud Connection. With Visma.net ERP, the result was higher productivity, increased cost control and less expensive operations.

Efficient operations

Online-based solutions have strengthened and streamlined the operation of Drammen Scenes. Better document flow and more rational handling of data is one of the benefits they have experienced after implementation.

“After implementing cloud-based solutions, everyday has become more fun and more effective. Everything goes much faster,” Østensen.

A satisfied staff

"The employees clearly notice that everything goes faster with the solution. It is quite clear that it is much easier to keep track of the documentary daily, and we have never done that before. I also believe in the long term that we will save on labour because we see that it is much more efficient,” says Østensen.

The administration employs over 40 permanent employees, while the company also has part-time employees who work during events and events. Good internal systems are essential for the wheels to go around on a daily basis.

«For Drammen Scenes, the journey to the sky has been a fun process. We see that clouds have come to be, so we look forward to seeing what the future brings.»

– Lise Østensen, economist at Drammen Scenes