Equip Medikey & Visma.net Advanced Logistics

Equip Medikey & Visma.net Advanced Logistics

For over 40 years, Equip Medikey has been supplying high-grade medical equipment to hospitals, medical institutions and retailers. Equip Medikey sells innovative products all over the world to a very special target group: anesthesiologists specialising in pain management.

Why Visma.net?

"We have been working with AccountView for seventeen years and it’s been a lot of fun. We were looking for a new solution because we wanted to be paperless and wanted to have access to the administration across the world. We have looked at many cloud solutions, and the best solution we have found after a long selection process is Visma.net ERP."

One of the wishes of Equip Medikey was to place orders based on their order history.

"We wanted to calculate how many needles we needed to order based on the number of needles we've sold in recent months. We have been able to realise that in Visma.net, and I'm very happy with that!”

«Thanks to Visma.net Advanced Logistics we can base our orders on history.»

– Floris de Raadt, Director Equip Medikey