LG interior streamlined their logistics
processes by moving
to the cloud

LG interior streamlined their logistics processes by moving to the cloud

LG Interior saw the need to implement a modern IT solution by 2015 and the requirements were clear. They needed an all-in-one financial and logistics solutions. The solution was Visma.net.Financials and Visma.net Logistics, which are both part of the Visma.net EPR solution.

The company imports furniture and lighting from the far east from their main office in Drammen. As of today, 14 employees work in LG Interior. In 2016, they sold about €3 million in revenue. "The main reason we chose Visma solutions was that we needed financial and logistics functionality in one system. In retrospect, we see that internal processes have been streamlined and simplified. This makes everyday life more predictable and transparent,” says CEO, Karl Ivar Nordby.

Effective storage control in the cloud

At the LG Interior, the days are hectic. The company's inventories amount to a total of 1250 square meters and hold around 2,000 pallet sites. The amount of goods imported and distributed reaches 150 containers a year, and employees are therefore dependent on efficient IT solutions that automate order processing, procurement and inventory management to make the wheels go around.

«We started stock management to get a better overview. After switching to Visma systems, we see that it is faster to pick items, and it is easier to get an overview of what we have in stock.»

– Karl Ivar Nordby, General Manager

From handwritten order lists to full view in the cloud

In the old system, the company had no warehouse module. We went around with handwritten stock lists at trade shows. We were excited that we knew what we had and it was also a very important part of the process of choosing Visma.net, that there was a logistics part that was simple and easy to use. That we have got it, in addition to the order book, billing and inventory management has simplified everyday,” says Nordby.

“Everything happens automatically. That was one of the reasons for wanting to change accounting systems. Previously we had an external travel control. With Visma.net, everything is now assembled in one place. Now we can go in and see who owes us money and how much is overdue," says Nordby.

Integrated webshop

LG Interior launched its own webshop solutions to B2C and B2B customers on their websites. "The advantages of the systems are that they are easy to learn, one can integrate multiple solutions with the systems. Our webshop solutions are a good example of this,” says Nordby.

The staff travels several times a year to source interior decorations. In just a few days a large proportion of orders will be registered and new customer data will be stored. This is when the employees of LG Interior see great efficiency improvements after integrating handheld scanner solutions that streamline the ordering process.

"After we implemented a handheld scanner solution from BX Software with Visma.net, that job has become much easier. So we save a lot of time and resources, while keeping it accurate,” Nordby concludes.

«Internal logistics processes have been streamlined and simplified. This makes everyday life more predictable and transparent.»

– Karl Ivar Nordby, General Manager

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