Norway Yacht Charter
increased cost control
with cloud-based ERP

Norway Yacht Charter increased cost control with cloud-based ERP

The company Norway Yacht Charter bases its events and business trips on the Oslo fjord. They organise ferry trips and sightseeing for tourists.

"When we chose a new system, predictability and cost control were most important to us. We wanted a system that was new and innovative and could last for the next 20-30 years," says General Manager Geir Kristiansen.

In the tourism industry, revenues vary according to the number of visitors. More importantly, full control over costs, especially related to infrastructure, maintenance, administration and general routines. To achieve this, the company started using ERP three years ago.

"People are always comfortable with what they have. Some may find that the change can be a bit difficult. When the first peak was over, it went well. Much of the logic is the same in the software, although of course there are a lot of new things,” says Kristiansen.

«The future is having complete cost control. That is why we chose ERP.»

– Geir Kristiansen, General Manager Norway Yacht Charter.

Introducing a new system certainly comes with challenges. Visma’s goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible, without impacting delivery and productivity.

Summary: “Implementation of ERP has exceeded our expectations. The future, as I see, is quite positive,” concludes Kristiansen.