streamlined the
administration and
enhanced profitability

Tromsø Villmarkssenter is one of the largest activity companies in Norway.

Over 80 years, Oslo's largest supplier of outdoor maintenance, the Vaktmesterkompaniet, has provided functional and quality outdoor areas for its customers. The company provides maintenance from everything from horticultural services and snow broaching, waste management and asphalting in Oslo and the surrounding area.

“The Vaktmesterkompaniet has a large proprietary operating system today. At the end of it, we have ERP,” says Rune Kristoffersen, CFO Vaktmesterkompaniet

"We rely on having a structured, standardized and automated financial function. Three and a half years after implementation, Financials has still taken care of these three things for us as a business.”

Of a total of 180 permanent employees in the company, 140 are out of the office working at other facilities.

"We do not have many office workers, the majority of our people are working outside of the office. In the tender market there is tough competition, so we rely on operating very efficiently. We can simplify and operate better using Financials,” added Kristoffersen.

« ERP is built to automate. There is no doubt that it is the future!»

– Rune Kristoffersen, CFO Vaktmesterkompaniet.

“The company handles tens of thousands of inbound and outbound invoices each year and has a significant transaction volume. In order for there to be no burden on the organisation, we are very dependent on a high degree of automation,” says Kristoffersen.

Kristoffersen concluded by saying that, “ ERP is built to automate. This means that we now read inbound invoice from EHF, and automatically post what we are going to send it as a payment. Once all is implemented, it's mostly just the monitoring we deal with in the financial function, and it's very exciting. There is no doubt that it is the future!”