Financial Management

A powerful financial solution that helps standardise and automate your financial functions

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The new way of working ERP facilitates automation, collaboration and integration of business processes. Setup time settings and alerts for automated workflows with ERP. With automated financial processes in a solution that is always updated, users have access to real-time data and better insight into the business's state. This ensures correct decision-making.

Automating repetitive tasks allows CFOs to change the way they work. Spend more time on cash flow planning and cash management, account analysis and revenue numbers. Freeing up time also means spending more time on what matters: working on optimising return of investment, forecasting revenue and having full control over the financial status.

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Streamline processes

Manual processes are tedious and time-consuming. standardises and automates business processes locally and across multiple locations. The costs associated with manual work and human errors are high. combines automation with productivity to improve your core business processes.


Speed up monthly processes such as order to cash and purchase to pay. Automating financial processes gives you real-time data on the status of your company. Having a better understanding of the health of the business leads to making better financial decisions. Setup time scheduling to continuously perform your daily workload.

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Work with multiple businesses

Manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities and save times on creating new subsidiaries. You no longer need to work on manual transactions and manual reconciliation between branches. Timely reporting, billing and reduced expenses. Handle transactions, reporting, and reconciliations from multiple companies in multiple currencies.

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Locally and internationally

Automate your monthly closing across your company group with different subsidiaries, currencies and chart of accounts structures in seconds. Consolidation makes time-consuming and complicated monthly consolidations less error-prone. Drill-down into accounts for detailed transaction information when working on the consolidated group level.

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