Manage approvals
the digital way


Manage approvals the digital way

Approve invoices and expense claims on the go

Streamline the document approval process and experience increased control. Approval is suitable for all existing Visma customers who need to approve invoices and expense claims. Approve invoices and expense claims from your mobile and have a clear overview of all tasks that need to be approved.

The benefits of an online approval system

As a manager, you are able to approve expenses, vacations, invoices and timesheets from your mobile or tablet. The solution is integrated with your ERP system, which means that the automated processes send data to the financials or payroll system. Users can set rules to ensure that the correct person will receive the information. This makes it easier for you to keep track of the workflow and know who is responsible for what. Have an overview of all approved invoices and insights on expenses and payment statuses.

How does it work? Approval gathers documents that need approval into one interface. From here, documents can be approved anywhere, anytime and on any device.

An email is sent to the approver when a new invoice is ready, they can then choose to approve, reject with a notification to the receiver on why it is rejected, forward or send the document on to others for review. Tasks can be approved through Approval or through Visma Mobile Manager, which is the mobile app for approving invoices and expense claims on the go. Tasks that are approved within Approval or Visma Mobile Manager are then synchronised with your existing Visma solution via Visma Document Centre.

The solution is directly integrated with Expense and Financials.


The solution is also designed to work in conjunction with Visma Document Centre, which makes it possible for the following Visma applications to streamline workflows with online approval:

  • Visma Business
  • Visma Global
  • Visma Contracting
  • AccountView

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