Automate mandatory
governmental reporting

Automate mandatory governmental reporting

Save time and avoid errors AutoReport takes care of mandatory governmental reporting for VAT and HRM. It increases efficiency, decreases reporting errors and removes manual steps done today. Make sure all reports are sent are compliant, no longer worry about having the latest version of a document. The solution is compliant and automatically updated with governmental formats for VAT and HRM reporting.

How does it work? AutoReport automatically sends mandatory documents directly from your ERP or HRM solution to the government. This enables organisations to stay compliant. It will help your organisation automate routines for delivery of mandatory reports to public organisations and financial institutions from Visma ERP and HRM solutions. The solution is included in selected Visma ERP and HRM solutions. It works in the background sending reports on time, every time.

Key features

Integrated ERP and HRM solutions by country:

  • Financials, Visma Business, Global, eAccounting (HRM only), Payroll, Employee Management
  • VAT, A-Melding, Tax Cards, Payments to self-employed

The Netherlands
  • Financials + Logistics, Payroll, AccountView, eAccounting
  • VAT, EU VAT, Wage levies, pension reports (various private institute supported), Intrastat report

  • Financials + Logistics, Payroll Finland, Visma Business, L7, Nova (Q4 2017), eAccounting (Q4 2017)
  • VAT, Employer’s contribution, Other unprompted taxes, EU VAT, Intrastat

  • Financials + Logistics

If you have the supported ERP or HRM solution, make sure that you activate AutoReport for government reporting.

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