Automatically track
the entire
assets lifecycle

Automatically track the entire assets lifecycle

Asset management that provides cost effective and accurate peace of mind

Gain complete visibility of fixed assets and depreciation calculations. Fixed Assets maintains depreciation schedules for large business’s assets that are rented, owned or leased. The solution is fully integrated with other financial modules. Import or add fixed assets individually and track reporting scenarios.

Integrated with
purchase order

Easily convert purchases into fixed assets without re-entering data. Eligible purchases are automatically displayed to simplify the conversion process.

Accurate P&L and
balance reports

Have complete control of what you own. Knowing what each asset costs, where it is and how much it’s worth provides better visibility and gives a better decision foundation.

Multiple depreciation methods

Choose from a large predefined depreciation methods like straight-line, declining-balance,  sum of years’ digits, flat rate or create your own deprecations methods custom schedules.

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