Accurate reporting and complete financial control

Accurate reporting and complete financial control

Improve and control the consolidation process

An integrated financial reporting and business analysis for all affiliated companies and subsidiaries from a single, centralised system. Consolidation eliminates time-consuming and error-prone data entry, currency triangulation and multiple versions of spreadsheets. The automated solution drives the consolidation process by tightening reporting deadline and quickly delivering information to financial stakeholders in a transparent and controlled process.

Save time and increase accuracy

The right financial tool ensures quality, speeds up the the consolidation process and reduces human intervention.

Reduce financial report deadline

Standardise and automate the consolidation process to reduce financials and ease deadline pressure.

Track project costs

Improved the consolidation process, saving on time, accuracy, and providing additional business insights.

Support growth

Domestic and foreign growth can be supported in the same process. The currency translation features allows for consolidation of international subsidiary.

Streamline entity setup

Save time and streamline the process for setting up a new company. Template functions for inherit configuration makes setup easier.

Consolidation overview

Benchmark performance and analyse trends across companies or the company’s group structure. Communicate the rhythm of business to decision makers.

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